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Commit 6abfa677 authored by M. Reza Qorib's avatar M. Reza Qorib
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[#140654507] #13 change apply vacancy request url to student id and add database dump as dummy data

parent 83ea6c3d
......@@ -25,7 +25,8 @@ export default class ModalAlert extends React.Component {
handleOpen() {
const requestData = { coverLetter: this.props.coverLetter };
Server.post(`/students/${this.props.id}/application`, requestData).then((data) => {
let studentId = Storage.post('user-data.student.id');
Server.post(`/students/${studentId}/application`, requestData).then((data) => {
header: 'Pendaftaran Berhasil',
content: this.successResponse + JSON.stringify(data),
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