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# Ryan's Bookstore
### Hello and welcome to our project called Ryan's Bookstore.
### 🖥Group Members🖥
1. 2006488013 - Fauzan Nazranda Rizqan
2. 2006489874 - Firlandi Althaf Rizqi Ansyari
3. 2006489501 - Muhammad Aaqil Abdullah
4. 2006519990 - Ryan Putra Budianto
5. 2006520001 - Winaldo Amadea Hestu
[OUR WEBSITE](https://landi-and-friends-adpro.herokuapp.com/)
### ⚙Description⚙
Ryan's bookstore is a web project that we made which is an online book store application that allows the user to purchase a book remotely at home. Our project provides 10 features in overall that are utilized to achieve our main goal to help people purchase a specific book online in this pandemic era.
### 🕹Our Features🕹
- Homepage
- Cart
- Wishlist
- Books Recommendation
- Articles
- Consultation
- Large collection of book to browse
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