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Commit 1d1f1150 authored by Jakub Vrana's avatar Jakub Vrana
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Add missing translation

parent 3f38b613
$VERSION = "4.7.6";
$VERSION = "4.7.7-dev";
......@@ -333,4 +333,6 @@ $translations = array(
'Type has been dropped.' => 'Tyyppi poistettiin.',
'Type has been created.' => 'Tyyppi luotiin.',
'Alter type' => 'Muuta tyyppiä',
'Thanks for using Adminer, consider <a href="https://www.adminer.org/en/donation/">donating</a>.' => 'Kiitos, kun käytät Admineriä, voit <a href="https://www.adminer.org/en/donation/">tehdä lahjoituksen tästä</a>.',
Adminer 4.7.7-dev:
Adminer 4.7.6 (released 2020-01-31):
Speed up alter table form (regression from 4.4.0)
Fix clicking on non-input fields in alter table (regression from 4.6.2)
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