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Commit 0dc12c6b authored by Rani Lasma Uli's avatar Rani Lasma Uli
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revert changes in vacancies

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......@@ -117,12 +117,12 @@ class VacancyViewSet(MultiSerializerViewSetMixin, viewsets.ModelViewSet):
raise ValidationError("Amount must number only")
def responsibilities_validator(self, responsibilities):
if not isinstance(responsibilities, str):
if not isinstance(responsibilities, basestring):
raise ValidationError("Responsibilities must be string")
def recruiter_activity_validator(self, recruiter_activity):
enum_recruiter_activity = ['Selalu', 'Sering', 'Kadang', 'Jarang', 'Tidak Pernah']
if (not isinstance(recruiter_activity, str)) or (recruiter_activity not in enum_recruiter_activity):
if (not isinstance(recruiter_activity, basestring)) or (recruiter_activity not in enum_recruiter_activity):
raise ValidationError('Tingkat Respons Perekrut harus salah '
'satu dari Selalu, Sering, Kadang, '
'Jarang, dan Tidak Pernah!')
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