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Commit 77891a43 authored by RANI LASMA ULI's avatar RANI LASMA ULI
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add test for Github link validation

See merge request !239
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import { isFromGithubLinkValid } from "../Utils";
var assert = require('assert');
describe('isFromGithubLinkValid', function () {
it('should return nothing when param is null', function () {
assert(isFromGithubLinkValid(null) == null);
it('should return false when link doesnt include https://github.com', function () {
assert(isFromGithubLinkValid("https://haha.com") == false);
it('should return true when link include https://github.com', function () {
assert(isFromGithubLinkValid("https://github.com/ranisianipar") == true);
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