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Commit a63cdb2e authored by Raden Fikri Ihza Dwi Nanda's avatar Raden Fikri Ihza Dwi Nanda
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[GREEN] Fix error on test

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......@@ -344,7 +344,7 @@ class CreateAndUpdateVacancyTest(APITestCase):
url = '/api/vacancies/'
response = self.client.post(url, {'company': new_company.pk, 'open_time': self.yesterday,
'close_time': self.today, 'name': 'new_vacancy', 'description': 'new_vacancy', 'responsibilities': 'new_vacancy', 'requirements': 'new_vacancy',
'close_time': self.today, 'name': 'newVacancy', 'description': 'newVacancy', 'responsibilities': 'newVacancy', 'requirements': 'newVacancy',
'max_accepted_applicants': 3, 'working_period':'3 Bulan'}, format='json')
self.assertEqual(response.status_code, status.HTTP_400_BAD_REQUEST)
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