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## Pipeline Status
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## Table of Contents
- [Description](#description)
- [Initial Setup](#initial-setup)
- [Running Development Environment](#running-development-environment)
- [Contributors](#contributors)
## Description
### Abstract
Digipus is a system application that can accommodate archiving educational material from regional
apparatus, academics, and practitioners, and organizing it properly so that it becomes material for
increasing knowledge and skills for the community at large.
There are three personas here, Admin, Contributor, and User (General Public). As admins, they monitor
contributors and material uploaded by contributors by rejecting or approving uploaded material.
As contributors, they can upload a material. And as a user, they can look at the material uploaded by contributor.
### Feature
Feature that already in this project.
1. Login/Register as an admin.
2. Approve/Reject a material.
3. Configuration category and criteria of material.
4. Manage contributor.
5. Manage admin.
6. Edit profile.
1. Login/Register as an admin.
2. Upload a material.
3. Edit profile.
4. Look at statistic comments.
1. Look on a material.
2. Give comment.
3. Download or read materials.
## Initial Setup
This project uses Python 3 with Django Framework. You need to install the required
dependencies prior to building and contributing to the project.
- [Python 3.6 or newer](https://www.python.org/downloads/release/) and `pip` package
> Note: We recommend using _virtual environment_ to isolate project-specific
> Python packages from system-level packages. You can install and use
> [`virtualenv`](https://virtualenv.pypa.io/en/stable/) package to create the
> virtual environment for this project.
To verify your Python is installed. Make sure
the interpreter can be invoked from the shell. For example,
in `bash` shell (macOS or GNU/Linux-based OS):
$ python3 --version
Python 3.8.2
$ pip3 --version
pip 20.0.2 from /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/pip (python 3.8)
After you clone this repository, let's make sure you installed all requirements, migrate, and collect static.
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
python3 manage.py makemigrations
python3 manage.py migrate
python3 manage.py collectstatic --no-input
## Running Development Environment
To run the server:
python3 manage.py runserver
You can see the app running by going to `` via your browser.
To run the test:
python3 manage.py test
To see your coverage:
coverage run --include="./*" --omit="manage.py,digipus/*,env/*" manage.py test
coverage report -m
You can load an some initial data with this command:
python3 manage.py loaddata */fixtures/initial.json
## Contributors
This repository is one of the projects from the Software Project course.
Contributor: Marjinal
* Scrum Master: Kemas Khaidar Ali
* Product Owner: Fadhlillah Zata R.
* Developer:
* I Gusti Putu Agastya Indrayana - 1706074940
* Igor Lestin Sianipar - 1706023372
* Mika Dabelza Abi - 1706022842
* Samuel Dimas Partogi - 1706074915
* Saul Andre Lumban Gaol - 1706023555
[![coverage report](https://gitlab.cs.ui.ac.id/ppl-fasilkom-ui/2020/ppl-c/diskominfo-depok-digipus/marjinal-digipus/badges/master/coverage.svg)](https://gitlab.cs.ui.ac.id/ppl-fasilkom-ui/2020/ppl-c/diskominfo-depok-digipus/marjinal-digipus/commits/master)
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