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Commit 59a5a847 authored by Arief Pratama's avatar Arief Pratama
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Fix RatingMateriTest get material

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......@@ -1991,8 +1991,8 @@ class RatingMateriTest(TestCase):
Materi(title="Materi Dua", author="Author", uploader=self.contributor,
publisher="Publisher", descriptions="Deskripsi Materi Dua",
status="APPROVE", cover=self.cover, content=self.content).save()
self.materi1 = Materi.objects.all()[0]
self.materi2 = Materi.objects.all()[1]
self.materi1 = Materi.objects.filter(title='Materi 1').get()
self.materi2 = Materi.objects.filter(title='Materi Dua').get()
self.url_rate = '/materi/rate/'
self.url_materi = '/materi/{}/'.format(self.materi1.id)
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