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# Exercise 1: CI Pipeline & GitLab SAST
You are asked to set up a CI/CD pipeline of the your group project
**individually** by forking the existing group project codebase and updating
the CI/CD configuration. As part of the exercise, you also need to prepare
your own VM on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and explore how to use Static
Application Security Testing (SAST) on self-hosted GitLab (GitLab CSUI).
For your information when setting up the GitLab CI/CD configuration that will
be run on GitLab CSUI, the following is the overview of the CI infrastructure
in our faculty:
- We run GitLab CSUI using GitLab Enterprise Edition version 13.12.15.
- The CI server runs 8 instances of GitLab Runner version 13.12.0.
- Each instance is running as a container with limited resources (2 CPU per
container) and disabled the privileged mode. Hence, it is not possible to
run a Docker-in-Docker (DIND) type of CI job.
- Each instance shares the cache between CI jobs using [Minio](https://min.io/).
- Each instance is also limited to run single CI job at a time.
At the end of the exercise, do not forget to schedule an one-on-one meeting
with a teaching assistant to demonstrate your work.
## Tasks
1. [ ] Create a new VM on GCP and provision it with the required dependencies
for running the group project.
2. [ ] Fork the group project codebase into your own namespace on GitLab CSUI.
3. [ ] Update the GitLab CI/CD configuration in your fork so the group project
is built and deployed to your own VM instead of the group's VM.
> Alternatively, try to work as a group to update the existing GitLab CI/CD
> configuration so that each member of the group only need to perform
> **minimal changes to the CI/CD configuration file** in their fork.
> It is also possible to have a CI/CD configuration that is so flexible
> even each member does not need to modify the configuration file at all
> on their fork.
4. [ ] Make sure the group project is successfully deployed and run on your own
VM and can be accessed publicly.
5. [ ] Add the SAST job into the CI/CD pipeline of your own fork and make sure
it runs.
> Due to [an ongoing issue on running the latest SAST image](https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab/-/issues/344022),
> pin the version of SAST analyser image to version 2.28.5.
6. [ ] Arrange an one-on-one meeting with a teaching assistant to demonstrate
your work. You are expected to be able to:
- Explain the process of setting up the deployment environment of your group
- Explain and demonstrate how to create a CI/CD pipeline on GitLab CSUI.
- Describe how to customise the SAST behaviour when running on GitLab CSUI.
- Describe and compare their experience on using SonarQube and GitLab's SAST
in performing static analysis on code quality and possible security-related
## References
- [GitLab CI/CD Reference on GitLab CSUI](https://gitlab.cs.ui.ac.id/help/ci/yaml/README.md)
- [SAST Documentation on GitLab CSUI](https://gitlab.cs.ui.ac.id/help/user/application_security/sast/index.md)
# Course Information (2021)
Course instructors:
- [Dr. Ade Azurat](https://rse.cs.ui.ac.id/?open=staff/ade)
> Responsible for the first half of the course.
- [Daya Adianto, M.Kom.](https://me.adian.to)
> Responsible for the latter half of the course.
Teaching assistants:
- Adrika Novrialdi, S.Kom.
- Samuel Tupa Febrian, S.Kom.
# Welcome to MkDocs # Home
For full documentation visit [mkdocs.org](https://www.mkdocs.org). Good day! Welcome to the website of Software Quality Assurance (SQA) course at
the Faculty of Computer Science Universitas Indonesia. At this moment, the site
## Commands only contains the exercises used in the lectures and the problem sets used
during the interview exam. We will add the course information in the future.
* `mkdocs new [dir-name]` - Create a new project.
* `mkdocs serve` - Start the live-reloading docs server.
* `mkdocs build` - Build the documentation site.
* `mkdocs -h` - Print help message and exit.
## Project layout
mkdocs.yml # The configuration file.
index.md # The documentation homepage.
... # Other markdown pages, images and other files.
...@@ -2,9 +2,15 @@ ...@@ -2,9 +2,15 @@
site_name: Software Quality Assurance site_name: Software Quality Assurance
site_description: >- site_description: >-
The website of Software Quality Assurance (SQA)/Penjaminan Mutu Perangkat The website of Software Quality Assurance (SQA)/Penjaminan Mutu Perangkat
Lunak (PMPL) at the Faculty of Computer Science Universitas Indonesia Lunak (PMPL) course at the Faculty of Computer Science Universitas Indonesia.
site_author: Daya Adianto site_author: Daya Adianto
copyright: Copyright © 2021 Faculty of Computer Science Universitas Indonesia copyright: Copyright © 2021 Faculty of Computer Science Universitas Indonesia
repo_url: https://gitlab.cs.ui.ac.id/pmpl/course-site repo_url: https://gitlab.cs.ui.ac.id/pmpl/course-site
repo_name: GitLab @ CSUI repo_name: GitLab @ CSUI
- Home: index.md
- Year 2021:
- Course Page: 2021/index.md
- Exercise 1: 2021/ex1.md
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