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# Exercise 5: Observability
In this exercise you are asked to configure a monitoring tools for your project application using Prometheus and Grafana.
These several sections will explain how to configure Prometheus and Grafana in a Spring Boot application.
## Monitoring with Metrics
Spring Boot Actuator can be used to monitor the metrics in a Spring Boot project.
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You are asked to configure monitoring tools using Prometheus and Grafana in your project.
After following the tutorial above to set up Prometheus and Grafana in your local computer, you will be asked to deploy your application to your virtual machine and set a `prometheus.yml` to monitor your deployed application from Prometheus PMPL.
You can give the `prometheus.yml` to your Teaching Assistant.
After properly set Prometheus, configure the [Grafana PMPL](https://pmpl.cs.ui.ac.id/grafana-pmpl-2021) to use data from Prometheus.
After properly set Prometheus, configure the [Grafana PMPL](https://pmpl.cs.ui.ac.id/grafana-pmpl-2021)'s dashboard to use data from Prometheus.
### Checklist
......@@ -58,6 +58,7 @@ nav:
- Exercise 2: 2021/exercise2.md
- Exercise 3: 2021/exercise3.md
- Exercise 4: 2021/exercise4.md
- Exercise 5: 2021/exercise5.md
- Year 2020:
- 2020/index.md
- Midterm Exam 1: 2020/midexam1.md
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