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Commit c74ea273 authored by Muhammad Fairuzi Teguh's avatar Muhammad Fairuzi Teguh
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[REFACTOR] change == True to is True

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......@@ -206,7 +206,7 @@ class FormulirDaftarDonorService:
start_y = column_with_start_y["start_y"]
fields = column_with_start_y["fields"]
for i, field in enumerate(fields):
x = second_column_yes_x if getattr(daftar_donor, field) == True else second_column_no_x
x = second_column_yes_x if getattr(daftar_donor, field) is True else second_column_no_x
draw.text(xy=(x, start_y + i*delta_y), **kwargs)
def generate_formulir(self, daftar_donor):
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