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Commit de253af1 authored by Nabila Febri Viola's avatar Nabila Febri Viola
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[REFACTOR] Change status kawin value in complete profile

parent ee5de56b
......@@ -334,10 +334,10 @@ function CompleteProfile({
<option value="BK">Belum Kawin</option>
<option value="KW">Kawin</option>
<option value="CH">Cerai Hidup</option>
<option value="CM">Cerai Mati</option>
<option value="Belum Kawin">Belum Kawin</option>
<option value="Kawin">Kawin</option>
<option value="Cerai Hidup">Cerai Hidup</option>
<option value="Cerai Mati">Cerai Mati</option>
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