Fakultas Ilmu Komputer UI

Commit 3faa9ac4 authored by Bimo Iman Smartadi's avatar Bimo Iman Smartadi
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Revert "Merge branch 'PBI-7-fitur_informasi_layanan_khusus_disabilitas' into 'staging'"

This reverts commit 535bf15a, reversing
changes made to 9c7a0c21.
parent f5e722ad
......@@ -206,6 +206,7 @@ It will return a json with key:
* `jumlah_siswa` : number of students
* `status` : status of the sekolah (swasta, negri, or international)
* `jenis_sekolah` : type of sekolah's management (inklusi, segregasi)
<<<<<<< HEAD
* `akreditasi` : accreditation
### 15. To register penyandang disabilitas:
......@@ -268,3 +269,6 @@ It will return a json with these key:
* `deskripsi` : The description of the comment
* `creator` : The last name of the commentator
* `date_time` : The time when the comment was posted
* `akreditasi` : accreditation
>>>>>>> parent of 535bf15... Merge branch 'PBI-7-fitur_informasi_layanan_khusus_disabilitas' into 'staging'
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