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[RED] adding test for email activation

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......@@ -5,7 +5,9 @@ from rest_framework import status
from django.test import TestCase, SimpleTestCase, Client
from django.urls import include, path, reverse
from registrasi.models import BisaGoUser
from django.utils.http import urlsafe_base64_encode, urlsafe_base64_decode
from .tokens import account_activation_token
from django.utils.encoding import force_bytes, force_text
class UserTests(APITestCase):
urlpatterns = [
......@@ -17,8 +19,7 @@ class UserTests(APITestCase):
data = {'name': 'Astraykai',
'is_active': True}
self.client.post(url, data)
def test_create_user(self):
......@@ -94,6 +95,22 @@ class UserTests(APITestCase):
def test_account_login(self):
def test_without_verification(self):
url = reverse('api-token-auth')
data = {'username': 'astraykai@gmail.com',
response = self.client.post(url, data)
self.assertEqual(response.status_code, status.HTTP_400_BAD_REQUEST)
def test_activation_function(self):
user = BisaGoUser.objects.get(phone_number='089892218567').user
uid = urlsafe_base64_encode(force_bytes(user.pk)).decode()
token = account_activation_token.make_token(user)
url = reverse('activate', kwargs={'uidb64' : uid, 'token' : token})
response = self.client.get(url)
json_response = json.loads(response.content)
self.assertEqual(json_response['response'], 'User activated')
class InfoTests(APITestCase, URLPatternsTestCase):
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