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Commit 375da841 authored by Yasmin Adelia Puti Chaidir's avatar Yasmin Adelia Puti Chaidir
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[CHORES] fix responsiveness in footer

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......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ const Footer = () => {
return (
<div data-testid="Footer" className="bg-grey px-6 xl:px-60 2xl:px-60 py-8">
<div className="flex flex-col md:flex-row lg:flex-row xl:flex-row 2xl:flex-row">
<div className="mr-6 mb-2 mt-2">
<div className="lg:w-1/4 xl:w-1/4 2xl:w-1/4 mb-2 mt-2">
<img src={Logo}></img>
<div className="lg:w-1/4 xl:w-1/4 2xl:w-1/4 lg:mr-10 xl:mr-10 2xl:mr-10 mb-2 mt-2">
......@@ -16,11 +16,11 @@ const Footer = () => {
<p className="medium-text mt-4">Klien (tanya[at]justika.info)</p>
<p className="medium-text">Umum (halo[at]justika.info)</p>
<div className="mr-10 mb-2">
<div className="lg:w-1/4 xl:w-1/4 2xl:w-1/4 mb-2">
<h1 className="heading-3 mb-4">Customer Service</h1>
<p className="medium-text">Dewi (08XXXXXXX)</p>
<div className="lg:w-1/4 xl:w-1/4 2xl:w-1/4 mb-2">
<div className="lg:w-1/4 xl:w-1/4 2xl:w-1/4 mb-2 mr-10">
<h1 className="heading-3 mb-4">Justika Business Platform</h1>
<a href="#">
<p className="medium-text hover:underline">
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