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This project was created for Dietela Mobile Application by Group **we fall in love with PPL we cant have**
## Dietela Mobile Application (Backend)
This repository contains codebase for Dietela backend system
### About Dietela
Dietela is an Android-based application that provides personalised diet and online nutritionist consultation services.
### How to Run
1. Clone dietela-backend repository from gitlab
git clone https://gitlab.cs.ui.ac.id/ppl-fasilkom-ui/2021/DD/pt-gizi-sehat-dietela/dietela-backend.git
2. cd into the project directory
cd dietela-backend
3. Install virtualenv if it doesn’t exist yet
pip install virtualenv
4. Prepare and activate a Python virtual environment
virtualenv venv
virtualenv env
source env/bin/activate
5. Install required packages
pip install -r requirements.txt
6. Create a postgres database called dietela-backend for the main local database
# Login to your postgres account
CREATE DATABASE dietela_backend;
7. Create a postgres database called test-dietela-backend for the testing local database
# Login to your postgres account
CREATE DATABASE test_dietela_backend;
8. Create a `.env` file inside the root project, copy the variables below and configure it according to your postgres username and password:
9. Do database migrations
python manage.py migrate
10. Run
python manage.py runserver
### Deployment
1. Create a Heroku application through heroku.com
2. Setup postgres database in Heroku
Create 2 postgres database add-ons through the heroku app’s resources page.
One will be used for production and the other for testing.
3. Set CI/CD script by creating .gitlab-ci.yml file
Create stages needed
For this case, the stages are `test` for testing, `sonar-scanner` for sonar scanner, and `deploy` for deployment
View [this file](https://gitlab.cs.ui.ac.id/ppl-fasilkom-ui/2021/DD/pt-gizi-sehat-dietela/dietela-backend/-/blob/staging/.gitlab-ci.yml) for reference
4. Set variables needed in .gitlab-ci.yml file at Settings > CI/CD > Variables
HEROKU_APIKEY = `your api key from your account settings`
HEROKU_APP_HOST = `the heroku app host or url`
HEROKU_APPNAME = `the heroku app name`
SONARQUBE_PROJECT_KEY = `the project key of your sonarqube`
SONARQUBE_TOKEN = `the token of your sonarqube`
DATABASE_URL = `your database url from your heroku production database credential`
TEST_DATABASE_URL = `your database url from your heroku testing database credential`
TEST_DATABASE = `the database name from your heroku testing database credential`
5. Configure `settings.py`:
import dj_database_url
'default': {
'ENGINE': 'django.db.backends.sqlite3',
'NAME': os.path.join(BASE_DIR, 'db.sqlite3'),
'TEST': {
'NAME': os.environ.get('TEST_DATABASE'),
# Heroku: Update database configuration from $DATABASE_URL.
db_from_env = dj_database_url.config(conn_max_age=600)
6. Create `deployment.sh` file
python manage.py makemigrations
python manage.py migrate
7. Create `Procfile` file
migrate: bash deployment.sh
web: gunicorn dietela_backend.wsgi --log-file -
8. Commit and push to your repository
### Current Features
- PBI 1: Dietela Quiz & Profile Dietku (Client)
Clients are required to fill out a quiz related to the design needs of the diet program that will be made by Dietela team
- PBI 2: Dietela Quiz & Profile Dietku (Dietela team)
Dietela team can store client data to provide quiz results containing programs and nutritionists recommendation to clients
- PBI 3: Choose Plan
Clients can continue by choosing recommended diet program that is suitable for their needs
### Developers
Team **we fall in love with PPL we cant have**
- Doan Andreas Nathanael - 1806205123
- Glenda Emanuella Sutanto - 1806133774
- Kefas Satrio Bangkit Solideantyo - 1806204972
- Muzaki Azami Khairevy - 1806205470
- Wulan Mantiri - 1806205666
## Acknowledgements
* CS UI - Software Engineering Project 2021
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