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Integrate Dietela Quiz API, add cache storage and toast component

Wulan Mantiri requested to merge PBI-1-dietela_quiz_api_integration into staging


  • Input margin adjusted according to error (with updated placeholder on the right)

11_error_stylings 11_placeholder_add_ex

  • Position prev and next button to be at the bottom of Wizard Container
  • Add newly styled prev (left), next, and finish button

11_wizard_container 11_wizard_end


  • Add AsyncStorage to store caches.
  • Add error toast component.
  • Add request function as wrapper for API calls.
  • Integrate All Access Questionnaire with dietela quiz API.
  • Handle on loading state when submitting Dietela Quiz form.


  • Show error toast when calling API returns error response.



Feedback on error toast would be appreciated yess @ppl-fasilkom-ui/2021/DD/pt-gizi-sehat-dietela kindly revieww

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