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Add user and page access management, fetch user on first load, and link user data

Merged Wulan Mantiri requested to merge PBI-5-access_management into staging
  • Add Dietela cover loading state on initial page.


  • Add page access management of the following pages:

Initial page & Registration page:

  • paid or user is nutritionist/admin -> navigate to profile
  • unpaid client -> navigate to checkout Login page (accessed from link from initial page):
  • haven't done questionnaire -> navigate to dietela quiz
  • haven't select program and nutritionist -> navigate to choose plan
  • when authenticated, same logic as initial page
  • Handle better loading states to all pages.
  • Fetch user API on first load.
  • Link user data on signup and google login. (Google login might need a different logic, but its okay for now)

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