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Commit c68c3754 authored by Yoga Pratama's avatar Yoga Pratama
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[CHORES] Add fetch image logic

parent cf13d486
......@@ -10,8 +10,23 @@ class KegiatanTerdekatRepository implements BaseKegiatanTerdekatRepository {
Future fetchKegiatanTerdekatResponse() async {
final response = await _network.get(
url: '/informasi-fasilitas/lokasi/kegiatan-terdekat',isLogin: false);
url: '/informasi-fasilitas/lokasi/kegiatan-terdekat', isLogin: false);
var kegiatan = KegiatanModel.fromJson(response);
kegiatan.image = await fetchFotoKegiatan(kegiatan.placeId, kegiatan.id);
return kegiatan;
\ No newline at end of file
Future<List<String>> fetchFotoKegiatan(String placeId, int kegiatanId) async {
final response = await _network.get(
isLogin: false);
final List<String> data = response.values
.map<String>((element) => element['foto'].toString())
return data;
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