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Commit 1ad20c9b authored by Zamil Majdy's avatar Zamil Majdy
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[#140652771] [#21] [Refactor] Add logic to icon

parent 968961c2
......@@ -26,7 +26,9 @@ export default class ApplicantList extends React.Component {
<Item.Header as="a">{this.props.data.name}</Item.Header>
<Segment compact basic floated="right">
<h4> <Icon name="right checkmark box" size="large" color="green" /> Verified </h4>
{this.props.data.verified ?
(<h4> <Icon name="checkmark box" size="large" color="green" /> Terverifikasi </h4>) :
(<h4> <Icon name="remove circle" size="large" color="red" /> Belum Terverifikasi </h4>)}
<Button color="blue" floated="right" as={Link} to={this.getLink}>
Ubah <Icon name="right chevron" />
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