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Commit 7e863ffc authored by sirinbaisa's avatar sirinbaisa
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Revert "[#140382397] #12 page company register"

This reverts commit 4fa98016.
parent 4fa98016
import React from 'react';
import { Button, Checkbox, Form, Input, TextArea, Grid, Divider, Header, Icon} from 'semantic-ui-react';
export default class companyRegister extends React.Component {
render = () => (
<div className="register">
<div className="registerForm">
<Header as='h2' icon textAlign='center'>
<Icon name='signup' circular />
<Form.Field required>
<Input type="text" id="email" icon='user' iconPosition='left' placeholder="email" required />
<Form.Field required>
<Input type='password' id="password" icon='key' iconPosition='left' placeholder="password" required />
<Form.Field required>
<label>Konfirmasi Password</label>
<Input type='password' icon="key" iconPosition="left" placeholder='password' required />
<Form.Field required>
<label>Nama Perusahaan</label>
<Input placeholder='Nama Perusahaan' required />
<Form.Field required>
icon={{ name: 'attach', circular: true, link: true }}
placeholder='attach logo'
<Form.Field required>
<TextArea placeholder='Tell us more' required/>
<Form.Field required>
<Input placeholder='Alamat' required />
<Form.Field required>
<Input placeholder='Kota' required />
<Form.Field required>
<Input placeholder='Provinsi' required />
</Form.Field >
<Button type='submit' floated='right' color='blue'>Submit</Button>
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