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Commit d8c635b9 authored by Muhammad Rafif Elfazri's avatar Muhammad Rafif Elfazri
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Temporary Ordering Search Filter On Threads

parent edad1d6e
......@@ -21,7 +21,8 @@ defmodule Diskuy.ForumThreadPage do
def page_search(title)do
|> where([p], ilike(p.title, ^"%#{String.replace(title, ~r/[%_(\\)]/, "\\\\\\0") }%"))
|> where([tr], ilike(tr.title, ^"%#{String.replace(title, ~r/[%_(\\)]/, "\\\\\\0") }%"))
|> order_by([tr], asc: tr.title , desc: tr.inserted_at )
def page_per_topic(topic_id) do
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