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Commit 8c853941 authored by Sean Gillespie's avatar Sean Gillespie
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Add a small typechecker

parent 9fabf263
...@@ -24,8 +24,10 @@ library ...@@ -24,8 +24,10 @@ library
Language.SystemF, Language.SystemF,
Language.SystemF.Expression, Language.SystemF.Expression,
Language.SystemF.Parser Language.SystemF.Parser,
build-depends: base <= 5, build-depends: base <= 5,
parsec parsec
default-language: Haskell2010 default-language: Haskell2010
...@@ -58,9 +60,11 @@ test-suite lambda-calculus-test ...@@ -58,9 +60,11 @@ test-suite lambda-calculus-test
Language.SystemFSpec, Language.SystemFSpec,
Language.SystemF.ExpressionSpec, Language.SystemF.ExpressionSpec,
Language.SystemF.ParserSpec Language.SystemF.ParserSpec,
build-depends: base <= 5, build-depends: base <= 5,
lambda-calculator, lambda-calculator,
hspec, hspec,
HUnit HUnit
ghc-options: -threaded -rtsopts -with-rtsopts=-N ghc-options: -threaded -rtsopts -with-rtsopts=-N
{-# LANGUAGE FlexibleInstances #-}
module Language.SystemF.Expression where module Language.SystemF.Expression where
import Data.Monoid import Data.Monoid
module Language.SystemF.TypeCheck where
import Data.Map
import Prelude hiding (lookup)
import Language.SystemF.Expression
type UniqueSupply n = [n]
type Context n t = Map n t
typecheck :: (Ord n, Eq t)
=> UniqueSupply t
-> Context n (Ty t)
-> SystemFExpr n t
-> Either String (Ty t)
typecheck uniqs ctx (Var v) = tcVar uniqs ctx v
typecheck uniqs ctx (Abs n t body) = tcAbs uniqs ctx n t body
typecheck _ _ _ = undefined
tcVar :: (Ord n, Eq t)
=> UniqueSupply t
-> Context n (Ty t)
-> n
-> Either String (Ty t)
tcVar uniqs ctx var = maybe (TyVar <$> unique uniqs) return (lookup var ctx)
tcAbs :: (Ord n, Eq t)
=> UniqueSupply t
-> Context n (Ty t)
-> n
-> Ty t
-> SystemFExpr n t
-> Either String (Ty t)
tcAbs uniqs ctx name ty body = TyArrow ty <$> typecheck uniqs ctx' body
where ctx' = insert name ty ctx
-- Utilities
unique :: UniqueSupply t
-> Either String t
unique (u:_) = return u
unique _ = fail "Unique supply ran out"
module Language.SystemF.TypeCheckSpec (spec) where
import Data.Map
import Test.Hspec
import Language.SystemF.Expression
import Language.SystemF.TypeCheck
tc uniqs ctx = typecheck uniqs (fromList ctx)
spec :: Spec
spec = describe "typecheck" $ do
it "typechecks simple variables in context" $
tc [] [("x", TyVar "X")] (Var "x") `shouldBe` Right (TyVar "X")
it "typechecks simple variables not in context" $
tc ["A"] [] (Var "x") `shouldBe` Right (TyVar "A")
it "typechecks simple abstractions" $
tc [] [] (Abs "x" (TyVar "A") (Var "x"))
`shouldBe` Right (TyArrow (TyVar "A") (TyVar "A"))
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