Fakultas Ilmu Komputer UI

Commit f7e2b56e authored by Sean Gillespie's avatar Sean Gillespie
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Update SystemF Expression test

parent b018774d
......@@ -73,3 +73,9 @@ spec = describe "prettyPrint" $ do
prettyPrint (TyForAll "A" (TyArrow (TyVar "A") (TyVar "A")))
`shouldBe` "forall A. A -> A"
it "prints nested forall types" $
prettyPrint (TyForAll "W"
(TyForAll "X"
(TyArrow (TyVar "W") (TyArrow (TyVar "X") (TyVar "Y")))))
`shouldBe` "forall W. forall X. W -> X -> Y"
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