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[#72] Profile: Rating for Contributor (Delete Rating)

MUHAMMAD EZRA RIZKIATAMA PUTRA requested to merge 1606896041-72 into master

This MR resolves few things about issue #72 (closed):

  • Implemented Delete Rating for Contributor on Katalog Kontributor page.
  • Changed few things related to RatingContributor model, details on the MR changes tab.
  • Changed few test related to RatingContributor model changes, details on the MR changes tab.
  • Changed few things in RatingContributorForm, details on the MR changes tab.
  • Fixed a little related to how Add/Update rating works, Add/Update Rating now requires user to login. This makes easier to Delete and/or Update the Ratings.
  • Add/Update/Delete using the same view and method (i.e POST). Update and Delete invoked using AJAX from the html template with flag according to the requested method (Delete or Update).

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